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Albino Teodoro


Inspired by icons the likes of Twiggy, Jane Birkin and Mia Farrow and design influences like Cristobal Balenciaga and Jean Patou, it’s clear how Albino Teodoro’s eponymous line got its modern meets contemporary aesthetic. With classics at the core, the designer has artfully woven in a range of fantastically fresh and modern looks including cotton shirts, checked flannels and luxurious jacquard. By focusing on key detailing such as sumptuous fabrics including cashmere and silks and strongly crafted silhouettes, Teodoro masterfully creates a decadently feminine, luxury look.


8 results


  • Albino Teodoro

    Bi-coloured Tank Top

    Regular Price: SGD 684.00

    Special Price SGD 342.00

  • Albino Teodoro

    Checked Skirt

    Regular Price: SGD 907.00

    Special Price SGD 453.50

  • Albino Teodoro

    Cotton Stretch Popeline Shirt

    Regular Price: SGD 832.00

    Special Price SGD 416.00

  • Albino Teodoro

    Cotton Stretch Popeline Shirt

    Regular Price: SGD 856.00

    Special Price SGD 428.00

  • Albino Teodoro

    Jacquard Skirt Jersey Dress

    Regular Price: SGD 1,614.00

    Special Price SGD 807.00

  • Albino Teodoro

    Sky Blue Moire Dress

    Regular Price: SGD 2,051.00

    Special Price SGD 1,025.50

  • Albino Teodoro

    Sky Blue Moire Pants

    Regular Price: SGD 1,125.00

    Special Price SGD 562.50

  • Albino Teodoro

    Sleeveless Coat

    Regular Price: SGD 3,371.00

    Special Price SGD 1,685.50

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