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Founded by Carmen de Tommaso, Carven quickly established itself as an 'accessible luxury' whilst ticking the commercial boxes. Described as the brand for Parisian It-Girls, the brand celebrates its impeccable ability to fuse tailoring with sultry shapes and graceful flourishes of unexpected feminine designs. As of Autumn 2015, Alexis Martial and Adrien Caillaudaud have co-designed the label, always keeping the ultimate Parisian muse in mind, generating a level of electricity that has frequently become the customer catnip for the season.


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  • Carven

    Embroidered Floral Sweatshirt Dress

    SGD 490.00
  • Carven

    Frilly Double Crepe Shorts

    SGD 490.00
  • Carven

    Dome Button Crossover Sandals

    SGD 521.00
  • Carven

    Plisse Butterfly Print Dress

    SGD 871.00
  • Carven

    Embroidered Floral Sweater

    SGD 337.00
  • Carven

    Embroidered Heart Sweatshirt

    SGD 297.00
  • Carven

    Spaghetti Top

    SGD 330.00
  • Carven

    Circle Lace Dress

    SGD 744.00
  • Carven

    Embroidered Heart Shirt

    SGD 290.00
  • Carven

    Short Plisse Dress

    Regular Price: SGD 890.00

    Special Price SGD 356.00

  • Carven

    Cropped Sleeveless Peplumed Top

    Regular Price: SGD 590.00

    Special Price SGD 236.00

  • Carven

    Metal Loop Detail Fitted Trousers

    Regular Price: SGD 530.00

    Special Price SGD 212.00

  • Carven

    Short Sleeve Boxy Top

    Regular Price: SGD 490.00

    Special Price SGD 196.00

  • Carven

    Sleeveless Drape Detail Shirt

    Regular Price: SGD 460.00

    Special Price SGD 184.00

  • Carven

    Long-sleeved Half-placket Shirt

    Regular Price: SGD 430.00

    Special Price SGD 172.00

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