Dion Lee


Ever since his debut at Australian Fashion Week in 2009, Dion Lee has remained one of the most critically lauded designers to emerge from Down Under in the recent past. His sculptural and sleek designs marry precise tailoring with body conscious silhouettes and graphic prints. The results are clothes that exude a modern, alpha-female edge.


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  • Dion Lee

    Axis Sleeve Shirt

    Regular Price: SGD 574.00

    Special Price SGD 287.00

  • Dion Lee

    Balance Poncho Skirt

    SGD 647.00
  • Dion Lee

    Balance Poncho Tunic

    SGD 557.00
  • Dion Lee

    Balance Striped Pants

    SGD 791.00
  • Dion Lee

    Contrast Trim Whitewash Snap Pants

    Regular Price: SGD 1,511.00

    Special Price SGD 755.50

  • Dion Lee

    Cross Placket Shirt

    SGD 647.00
  • Dion Lee

    Fine Line Cami Dress

    SGD 881.00
  • Dion Lee

    Halter-neck Release Shirt

    Regular Price: SGD 573.00

    Special Price SGD 286.50

  • Dion Lee

    Latitude Pinstripe Cropped Trousers

    Regular Price: SGD 1,301.00

    Special Price SGD 650.50

  • Dion Lee

    Loop Back Tie Knitted Top

    SGD 705.00
  • Dion Lee

    Mao Collar Vent Tie Shirt

    Regular Price: SGD 683.00

    Special Price SGD 341.50

  • Dion Lee

    One-piece Fine Line Swimsuit

    Regular Price: SGD 366.00

    Special Price SGD 183.00

  • Dion Lee

    One-shoulder Pique Swimsuit

    Regular Price: SGD 490.00

    Special Price SGD 245.00

  • Dion Lee

    Perforated Details Triangle Bikini Brief

    Regular Price: SGD 214.00

    Special Price SGD 107.00

  • Dion Lee

    Perforated Details Triangle Bikini Top

    Regular Price: SGD 228.00

    Special Price SGD 114.00