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IO Ivana Omazić


The key to the success of IO Ivana Omazić is creative director Ivana Omazic’s sheer ability to make something so simple and sublime. With a sleek, contemporary and sophisticated look, honed by her stints at Céline and Maison Martin Margiela, IO Ivana Omazić is all about construction. Using the very finest range of fabrics including muslin, poplin, jersey and felpa, the team of finely skilled craftsmen use a range of artisanal techniques including handmade drawings of each design and hand-painted brush strokes, to ensure that each piece of clothing is as unique as its intended wearer.


11 results


  • IO Ivana Omazić

    A-line Short Sleeve Dress

    Regular Price: SGD 594.00

    Special Price SGD 297.00

  • IO Ivana Omazić

    Ampolla Sleeves Cropped Knit

    Regular Price: SGD 442.00

    Special Price SGD 221.00

  • IO Ivana Omazić

    Circular Knit Top

    Regular Price: SGD 364.00

    Special Price SGD 182.00

  • IO Ivana Omazić

    Irregular Pleated Crinoline Skirt

    Regular Price: SGD 419.00

    Special Price SGD 209.50

  • IO Ivana Omazić

    Knitted Blouson

    Regular Price: SGD 1,625.00

    Special Price SGD 812.50

  • IO Ivana Omazić

    Long Sleeve Draped Front Detail Dress

    Regular Price: SGD 428.00

    Special Price SGD 214.00

  • IO Ivana Omazić

    Mock Neck Knit

    Regular Price: SGD 506.00

    Special Price SGD 253.00

  • IO Ivana Omazić

    Pleated Front Shirt

    Regular Price: SGD 331.00

    Special Price SGD 165.50

  • IO Ivana Omazić

    Pleated-sleeved Jacket

    Regular Price: SGD 691.00

    Special Price SGD 345.50

  • IO Ivana Omazić

    Sleeveless Dress with Irregular Pleat Detail

    Regular Price: SGD 714.00

    Special Price SGD 357.00

  • IO Ivana Omazić

    Turtleneck Dress With Front Panel Detail

    Regular Price: SGD 575.00

    Special Price SGD 287.50

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