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Joshua Sanders


K-pop icon G Dragon is a fan, as are Lily Allen and Will-i-am. Celebrities swear by the street couture style of Joshua Sanders. Designed in New York and crafted  in Italy, his footwear combines comfort and practicality with a cool and edgy aesthetic and a hint of witty design. His signature skater flats in various style iterations makes a modern style statement.


11 results


  • Joshua Sanders

    Bomber Low-cut Sneakers

    SGD 530.00
  • Joshua Sanders

    Bomber Mid-Cut Sneakers

    SGD 690.00
  • Joshua Sanders

    Paninaro Aviator Cap

    Regular Price: SGD 595.00

    Special Price SGD 297.50

  • Joshua Sanders

    Paninaro Chukka Sneakers

    Regular Price: SGD 490.00

    Special Price SGD 245.00

  • Joshua Sanders

    Paninaro Low-cut Sneakers

    Regular Price: SGD 530.00

    Special Price SGD 265.00

  • Joshua Sanders

    Pom Pom Cap

    Regular Price: SGD 430.00

    Special Price SGD 215.00

  • Joshua Sanders

    Pom Pom Tennis Sneakers

    Regular Price: SGD 760.00

    Special Price SGD 380.00

  • Joshua Sanders

    Snatch Hat

    Regular Price: SGD 395.00

    Special Price SGD 197.50

  • Joshua Sanders

    Snatch Low-cut Sneakers

    Regular Price: SGD 460.00

    Special Price SGD 230.00

  • Joshua Sanders

    Wall Smile Backpack

    Regular Price: SGD 479.00

    Special Price SGD 239.50

  • Joshua Sanders

    Wall Smile Low-cut Sneakers

    Regular Price: SGD 439.00

    Special Price SGD 219.50

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