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Man Chien


After meeting friends at university who studied philosophy, Man Chien's interest in the philosophy of human existence grew and developed into a series of collaborative works that discussed the philosophy of human enslavement: under title Human Farming + AmusingAnecdote. These projects drew her the recognition as being an Avant grade designer. Noted for her impeccable, tedious craftsmanship, Man Chien creates hand-painted garments, which tend to document her emotions and thoughts, eluding the fast fashion way of thinking and instead choosing to highlight the importance of human touch.


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  • Man Chien

    Detached Pleat Dress

    Regular Price: SGD 906.00

    Special Price SGD 453.00

  • Man Chien

    Four Collar Scarf

    SGD 290.00
  • Man Chien

    Hand-painted Boxy Top

    Regular Price: SGD 399.00

    Special Price SGD 199.50

  • Man Chien

    Hand-painted Hakama Pants

    Regular Price: SGD 652.00

    Special Price SGD 326.00

  • Man Chien

    Hand-painted Relaxed Raised Collar Dress

    Regular Price: SGD 507.00

    Special Price SGD 253.50

  • Man Chien

    Rubber Sealed Wrap Skirt

    SGD 471.00
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