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A huge part of Marni's magic and magnetism that have captivated Marni maniacs the world over is borne of the creative face-offs its designer Consuelo Castiglioni executes with such insouciant aplomb, season after season. From surreal silhouettes, to clashing prints and random colour combinations, Castiglioni has single-handedly cornered the market for quirky since its beginning in 1994.


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  • Marni

    Canvas and Leather Tote Bag

    SGD 1,360.00
  • Marni

    Ruffled Crew Neck Top

    SGD 890.00
  • Marni

    Asymmetrical Printed Skirt

    SGD 1,630.00
  • Marni

    Checked Asymmetrical Midi Skirt

    SGD 2,090.00
  • Marni

    Checkered Woven Top

    SGD 1,860.00
  • Marni

    Multicolour Ruffled Crochet Sweater

    SGD 1,224.00
  • Marni

    Hybrid Sneaker Shoes

    SGD 934.00
  • Marni

    Bicoloured Tunic Dress

    SGD 1,680.00
  • Marni

    Double Belt Trousers

    SGD 1,511.00
  • Marni

    Spaghetti-strap Tank Top

    SGD 1,173.00
  • Marni

    Crew-neck T-shirt

    SGD 662.00
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