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“More is more” truly applies to Italian designer Massimo Giorgetti’s design sensibilities. His label MSGM is fast becoming a cult fave with confident women and men who love the sartorial adrenalin and uplifting optimism that comes with Giorgetti’s compelling mash-up of colours, prints and shapes. This season, the MSGM woman chills out in breezy chiffon and crêpede chine dresses, skirts and cropped tops printed with Hawaiian-inspired Tiki florals, woven from multicolour raffia or embellished with 3D embroidery. Expect to see a gamut of summery beachside hues from dark brown to pink turquoise, orange and sandy beige.


31 results


  • MSGM

    Bicolour Wool Felt Bomber

    Regular Price: SGD 899.00

    Special Price SGD 449.50

  • MSGM

    Cat Insert Wool Felt Skirt

    Regular Price: SGD 560.00

    Special Price SGD 280.00

  • MSGM

    Check Twined Wool And Nylon Dress

    Regular Price: SGD 890.00

    Special Price SGD 445.00

  • MSGM

    Crisp Popeline Blouse

    Regular Price: SGD 590.00

    Special Price SGD 295.00

  • MSGM

    Daisy Print Top

    Regular Price: SGD 660.00

    Special Price SGD 330.00

  • MSGM

    Dress With Cats Print

    Regular Price: SGD 990.00

    Special Price SGD 495.00

  • MSGM

    Face Motif Patch Jeans

    Regular Price: SGD 860.00

    Special Price SGD 516.00

  • MSGM

    Face Motif Patch Sweatshirt

    Regular Price: SGD 432.00

    Special Price SGD 259.00

  • MSGM

    Face Motif Sweatshirt

    Regular Price: SGD 490.00

    Special Price SGD 294.00

  • MSGM

    Face Motif T-shirt

    Regular Price: SGD 190.00

    Special Price SGD 114.00

  • MSGM

    Face Print Dress

    Regular Price: SGD 1,107.00

    Special Price SGD 664.00

  • MSGM

    Floral Jacquard Sweater Dress

    Regular Price: SGD 660.00

    Special Price SGD 396.00

  • MSGM

    Front Panel Crepe Du Chine Ribbons T-shirt

    Regular Price: SGD 290.00

    Special Price SGD 145.00

  • MSGM

    Heavy Technical Crepe Top

    Regular Price: SGD 410.00

    Special Price SGD 205.00

  • MSGM

    High Heel Rouche Sandal

    Regular Price: SGD 637.00

    Special Price SGD 318.50

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