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Ziggy Chen


When it comes to his influences, Ziggy Chen cites the combination of old versus new as his biggest source of fascination. This interest in merging two distinct times is seconded by his interest in sourcing unique fabrics, the likes of unique hemps, fine cotton and linens to not only help him create his traditionally focused silhouette, but to hold his heavy and intricate use of print.


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  • Ziggy Chen

    Contrast-colour Striped T-shirt

    SGD 295.00
  • Ziggy Chen

    Pleated Contrast-colour Turn-up Trousers

    SGD 710.00
  • Ziggy Chen

    Contrast-colour Turn-up Trousers

    SGD 760.00
  • Ziggy Chen

    Elongated Shirt

    SGD 975.00
  • Ziggy Chen

    Raw-edged Long Coat

    SGD 1,963.00
  • Ziggy Chen

    Notch Lapel Contrast-fabric Sleeved Jacket

    SGD 1,586.00
  • Ziggy Chen

    Collarless Long Coat

    Regular Price: SGD 1,856.00

    Special Price SGD 742.40

  • Ziggy Chen

    Peak Lapel Blazer

    Regular Price: SGD 1,789.00

    Special Price SGD 715.60

  • Ziggy Chen

    Workwear Jacket

    Regular Price: SGD 1,874.00

    Special Price SGD 749.60

  • Ziggy Chen

    Elongated Long-sleeved Shirt

    Regular Price: SGD 966.00

    Special Price SGD 386.40

  • Ziggy Chen

    Long-sleeved Cashmere Knit

    Regular Price: SGD 863.00

    Special Price SGD 345.20

  • Ziggy Chen

    Long-sleeved J-shaped T-shirt

    Regular Price: SGD 494.00

    Special Price SGD 197.60

  • Ziggy Chen

    Collarless Long-sleeved Shirt

    Regular Price: SGD 782.00

    Special Price SGD 312.80

  • Ziggy Chen

    Long-sleeved Shirt

    Regular Price: SGD 746.00

    Special Price SGD 298.40

  • Ziggy Chen

    Long-sleeved Shirt

    Regular Price: SGD 787.00

    Special Price SGD 314.80

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