Be the Next Club 21 Scholar – Apply Now

If you’re thinking of pursuing your passion in the fashion, retail or branding arena, the Club 21 Scholarship is for you.

We’ve rounded up three quick facts you need to know before you apply to be the next Club 21 Scholar:

1. Started in 2012 in celebration of Club 21’s 40th Anniversary, the Club 21 Scholarship is a merit scholarship targeted at supporting exceptional talents who are keen to establish themselves in the creative, fashion and retail industries.

2. Valued at up to SGD 10,000 per full year of study, there is no bond attached to the Scholarship. All you need to do is focus on pursuing your aspirations.

3. You don’t need to have experience in the fashion industry to apply for this scholarship. Past Scholars have come from all walks of life – a graphic designer, a mixed media artist, a fashion designer and even a firefighter. We embrace the diversity in backgrounds, talents and experiences that each individual brings to the table.

Application to the Club 21 Scholarship has been extended till April 30th 2017! Submit your application HERE.