Christopher Esber


Founded in 2010 by Australian designer Christopher Esber, the eponymous label has since gained global reputation. Known for its elegant and minimalist designs, every collection represents the designer’s pride in offering precision tailoring and silhouettes of structured fluidity. With a background in tailoring, Esber integrates the structural technique into his designs, mixing masculine and feminine codes for a sophisticated and contemporary approach. Esber’s collections radiate quiet confidence and subtle strength that are reflective through his easy-to-wear pieces. Each garment imbues subtle street sensibility with its tailored relaxed cuts, raw accents and sports inspired finishes, for a released and undone veneer.


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  • Christopher Esber

    Striped Oversized Shirt

    SGD 1,090.00
  • Christopher Esber

    Multi-tuck Draped Skirt

    SGD 1,190.00
  • Christopher Esber

    Off-shoulder Halter Top

    SGD 950.00
  • Christopher Esber

    Asymmetrical Gathered Top

    SGD 650.00
  • Christopher Esber

    Angled Coiled Zip Ruched Skirt

    SGD 890.00
  • Christopher Esber

    Angled Coiled Zip Ruched Top

    SGD 860.00
  • Christopher Esber

    Button Detail Wrap Skirt

    SGD 1,160.00
  • Christopher Esber

    Multi-tuck Chino Pants

    SGD 1,030.00
  • Christopher Esber

    Waffle Hem Ruched Tank Dress

    SGD 1,300.00
  • Christopher Esber

    Waffle Hem Draped Slip Dress

    SGD 1,490.00