A quick glance at the breathtaking creations from Chinese-born Ms Min and it becomes abundantly clear that her inspiration lies in her love of art. Having previously worked at Viktor & Rolf, she launched her dreamlike brand in 2011, to huge worldwide critical acclaim, including being shortlisted as one of the 22 semi-finalists for the acclaimed LVMH Prize 2016. Embracing elaborate and expert tailoring and drapery, she skilfully adds a dose of romanticism and character to each of her pieces through her use of unique fabrics including lush organza, silks and lyocell, and through unexpected and unique touches including bows and pleating.


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  • Ms MIN

    Muffler Scarf

    Regular Price: SGD 153.00

    Special Price SGD 76.50

  • Ms MIN

    Merino Off-the-shoulder Dress

    Regular Price: SGD 1,126.00

    Special Price SGD 563.00

  • Ms MIN

    Ribbed Crew-neck Sweater

    Regular Price: SGD 697.00

    Special Price SGD 348.50

  • Ms MIN

    Cropped Wide-leg Trousers

    Regular Price: SGD 973.00

    Special Price SGD 486.50

  • Ms MIN

    Floral Jacquard Hooded Jacket

    Regular Price: SGD 2,370.00

    Special Price SGD 1,185.00

  • Ms MIN

    Chenille Patchwork Sweater

    Regular Price: SGD 984.00

    Special Price SGD 492.00

  • Ms MIN

    Layered Lace Dress

    Regular Price: SGD 1,815.00

    Special Price SGD 726.00

  • Ms MIN

    Embroidered Bomber Jacket

    Regular Price: SGD 2,561.00

    Special Price SGD 1,024.40

  • Ms MIN

    Wide Ribbed Waistband Shorts

    Regular Price: SGD 555.00

    Special Price SGD 222.00

  • Ms MIN

    Contrast Panel Sleeveless Knit

    Regular Price: SGD 450.00

    Special Price SGD 180.00

  • Ms MIN

    Contrast Panel Long-sleeved Knit

    Regular Price: SGD 491.00

    Special Price SGD 196.40

  • Ms MIN

    Cuffed Wide-leg Trousers

    Regular Price: SGD 589.00

    Special Price SGD 235.60

  • Ms MIN

    Hooded Long Robe

    Regular Price: SGD 1,451.00

    Special Price SGD 580.40