Stephan Schneider


Tailor by name, tailor by nature. Stephen Schneider – Schneider means tailor in German – is known for his understated classicism. Both creatively stimulating and thoughtful in design, his use of incredible fabrics developed in-house has led the label to become editors' favourite. 


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  • Stephan Schneider

    Wool Private Jacket

    Regular Price: SGD 653.00

    Special Price SGD 522.00

  • Stephan Schneider

    Wool Accesible Jumper

    Regular Price: SGD 383.00

    Special Price SGD 306.00

  • Stephan Schneider

    Single-pleated Unit Trousers

    Regular Price: SGD 488.00

    Special Price SGD 390.00

  • Stephan Schneider

    Cotton Newton Trousers

    Regular Price: SGD 414.00

    Special Price SGD 331.00

  • Stephan Schneider

    Alpaca Intarsia Knit Exact Jumper

    Regular Price: SGD 531.00

    Special Price SGD 424.80

  • Stephan Schneider

    Cotton Clock Shirt

    Regular Price: SGD 309.00

    Special Price SGD 247.00