Nothing is taken for granted when the world is seen through the eyes of Anrealage. Established by Japanese designer Kunihiko Morinaga, Anrealage — a combination of “A REAL, UNREAL and AGE” — seeks to challenge mainstream perceptions of reality through its collections. The label’s innovative fabric research and minute attention to detail has resulted in a series of alchemical presentations and humorously esoteric clothes. From mimicking the appearance of a fabric using technology (Spring/Summer 2012), the changing appearance of a dress when it is photographed using flash (Spring/Summer 2016), and exaggerating silhouettes to ridiculous proportions (Autumn/Winter 2019), Morinaga is set on exploring and exploiting a material’s full potential and in the process, creating new and spectacular items of dress.

Akira Naka

A graduate of Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Akira Naka launched his eponymous women’s ready-to-wear collection in 2009. Fusing Northern European and Japanese techniques and sensibilities, the label reimagines women’s wardrobe essentials by reworking its proportions and details. Modern geometric prints and asymmetrical silhouettes are the label’s protagonists, adding a level of play and dimension to one’s wardrobe.

Sagittaire A

We live in an age of overexposure, where the self is constantly put on display and the lines between designer and celebrity are being increasingly blurred. Resisting this phenomenon is Sagittaire A. Subtle yet affirmative, the label is the creation of an anonymous artist who, in an article by Highsnobiety, is described as one who “splits his time between France and China” and has “quietly observed the patterns, trends and nuances of the industry.” Taking design cues from art, film, music and street fashion, Sagittaire A uses fashion to explore the relationship between dress as a means to reflect one’s individual identity.

Lee Matthews

Smart, direct and kind is how one would describe Lee Matthews’ designs. Launched by the Australian designer Lee Matthews, the label offers women sophisticated and timeless pieces that serve as building blocks to comprehensive wardrobe. By delicately weaving colour, texture and prints into a refined collection, the Lee Matthews woman is well-equipped in looking ever so elegant, be it in linen and cotton separates or a statement dress made with luxurious silk.


Jiwon Ree, head designer of her very own label J.won, “believes that knitwear should not just be about comfort but portray style and a clear identity for those who wear it.” Based in London, her designs combine colour and various techniques, fusing the classic with the contemporary to introduce a chic yet practical line of knitwear styles for the contemporary woman.

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