As a medium between the body and its social expression, clothes hold the power to convey a narrative about a person’s personality, which, at the same time, communicates their class, gender and age. In that sense, fashion can be liberating, but by the same token, it can also be confining. Within the cultural constitution of age, certain typologies of style and dress have been deemed appropriate. Skirts that rise above knee length are typically saved for younger girls, while older women are encouraged to embrace a more self-effacing wardrobe.

Erdem’s Pre-Spring 2019 collection navigates this very tension between the social and the personal by playing with the notion of age and memory in an intergenerational exchange. A firm believer in quality and a sense of timelessness, Erdem Moralıoğlu seeks to design garments that can be passed on from one generation to another. Youths wearing the silhouettes attributed to an older generation, combined with contemporary fabrics and accessories, imbuing a sense of modernity to the look. The impression formed, as exemplified in collection’s lookbook images, is one that is simultaneously distant but familiar.

As someone who’s constantly twisting the codes of femininity and exploring its definition through all the characters that inspire his work, Erdem understands that femininity, despite its many facets, is an inherently “beautiful, complex and sometimes dangerous” thing. As time goes on, and depending on its wearer, his garments may take on new and different meanings, but at the very heart of it, they remind us that there are no rules in fashion, only the ones we adhere to.

Erdem Pre-Spring 2019 arrives in stores 12 November at Club 21, Four Seasons.

190 Orchard Boulevard,
Four Seasons Hotel #01-01/02,
Singapore 248646