In our interview with SHOES 53045, the team shares with us their favourite music, influences, and what sets their shoes apart from others.

An ecstatic body starts with happy feet. The statement might come across like a slogan one is likely to encounter on the window of a foot reflexology joint, but it is really the crux of the SHOES 53045 brand, whose manifesto begins with the proclamation: “We love you, and we love your feet.” 53045 spells SHOES upside down, and is created by legendary Parisian shoe designer David Tourniaire-Beauciel, who was perhaps best known for designing the Balenciaga Triple S… until now. The brand encompasses the ethics of a Present Age Identity, which espouses nuance, vitality, poetry, and an overall anti-anthropocentric view on life — all against a high-energy mix of electronic and hip-hop music. Forget Reiki or sound bathing. Your body is a temple, your feet are its sanctuary, and SHOES 53045 is its guardian. With the arrival of SHOES 53045, the French proverb saying one needs to suffer in order to be beautiful meets Google’s digital archive. Today, the pain is nil, the beauty remains, and there’s fun in the picture too. Sporting a pair of the sneaker-shoe hybrid with platform bubble air soles feels like slippers on a platform, walking on floaty boats, or dancing on the moon. Why not experience it yourself?

Club21 Shoes 53045

I’m dancing on the moon at a party hosted by SHOES 53045. What kind of music is playing?

A high-energy mix of electronic and hip-hop music featuring old-school 90’s and 2000’s gems like Prodigy, Beastie Boys, Mr. Oizo, M.I.A, and Laurent Garnier and new artists like Billie Eilish, Nvdes, Tommy Genesis, and Kim Petras.


Apart from music, marine life, bondage gear and fiction characters, what other influences have been significant in informing the design of SHOES 53045?

The ’90s, our favourite time of all time. The most cutting-edge technology in athletic footwear and figuring out new ways to play with it. Sandwiches, bubbles, fluffy clouds — soft, joyful things! And the idea of post-fashion — making shoes that even someone not interested in fashion would find interesting.


The brand places a strong emphasis on comfort and ensuring a happy feet, thus a happy wearer — how does the brand’s philosophy extend to its choice of materials?

We don’t use leather, because we want animals to be happy too!


What sets SHOES 53405 apart from other existing sneakers?

The Bubble Air sole is the only one of its kind on the market, super-advanced technology… they feel unusually comfortable and not quite like any other shoe. But: They’re not sneakers! They’re sneaker-shoe hybrids — you’ll see what this means in the coming months. Bump’Air is styled like a sneaker, but future styles will look like other types of shoes on top of the Bubble Air sole. It’s the shoe of the future!


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The first drop of SHOES 53045’s signature Bump’Air style includes six colour ways: Acid (Yellow), Flame (Orange), and Ice (Blue) available at Club21 Forum; Black Gothic available at Club 21 X PLAY Comme des Garçons MBS; as well as Classic White and Classic Black at both stores.