Plunging into the archive of the house’s founder, Martin Margiela, the team of anonymous designers at MM6 reflected the iconic white lab coats and white interiors of Margiela’s studio in the 11thquarter of Paris for its Autumn/Winter 2019 collection. Deemed practical and conceptual at once, the use of the colour white was central to the 2004 refurbishment of the designer’s studio in the 11th quarter of Paris. When Jenny Meireins (the label’s co-founder) and Martin Margiela moved in, the duo’s straitened circumstances led them to source furniture from a variety of places. In a bid to make everything more coherent, everything was cloaked in white emulsion paint, chosen for its matt finish and impossibility to clean — leaving the ravages of time mark their impression, with each and every trace turning into a collection of tales for posterity.

The colour has since become a central tenet of the brand’s identity, reflecting and symbolising values of ingeniousness and dissidence, but also of harmony. Puffer jackets, slip dresses, knits and cardigans were all blown up or out of proportion and presented in dusty white materials, symbolising the legacy of Margiela and his progressive sensibilities. During a time where differences are pronounced and weaponised as a means to assert a certain agenda, Margiela’s philosophy of unifying differences through a mutual trait, or rather towards a mutual cause, might be the antidote we all need.

MM6 Maison Margiela is available in-store at Club21 Forum and Club 21 X PLAY Comme des Garçons.