Vivetta Ponti’s eponymous label exudes light-hearted frivolity, while also embodying an air of assertive femininity. Contemporary silhouettes are filled with unexpected details, which take inspiration from a wide range of sources, including cats (and all animals, for that matter), the fifties, Surrealism, vintage children’s books, and sixties Italian horror movies to name a few. The result is an elegant and dynamic constellation that melds highlights of the past and the present.


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  • Vivetta

    Lace Blouse

    Regular Price: SGD 270.00

    Special Price SGD 135.00

  • Vivetta

    Embroidery Dress

    Regular Price: SGD 470.00

    Special Price SGD 235.00

  • Vivetta

    Finger Collar Dress

    Regular Price: SGD 440.00

    Special Price SGD 220.00

  • Vivetta

    Lace Dress

    Regular Price: SGD 520.00

    Special Price SGD 260.00

  • Vivetta

    Flared Skirt

    Regular Price: SGD 320.00

    Special Price SGD 160.00

  • Vivetta

    Finger Collar Blouse

    Regular Price: SGD 370.00

    Special Price SGD 185.00